Support the whole child with BASE 

The world’s first and only online, CASEL approved, and evidence-based blended learning SEL platform 

Do you know if your students are struggling?

Today’s students are dealing with stress, anxiety, and mental health issues — challenges that can get in the way of learning and may lead to destructive behavior. To help you support your students’ social-emotional needs, Edmentum now offers BASE Education, an evidence-based social-emotional learning platform with clinical content built by mental health professionals with real-world experience. 

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BASE Education is a member of the CASEL Program Guide for Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs and offers more than 60 courses that span elementary through high school. 

Why do schools love BASE Education?

Support the whole child with BASE Education

The world’s first online and blended learning SEL platform


81% of students say that BASE Education enables them to talk about things with their therapist or counselor that they couldn't before they used the program.

Boost social-emotional skills for all while intervening with students who are most at risk. 

Tackle tough topics including suicide prevention, stress management,  substance abuse, bullying, and many more.

Support parents and guardians with the language and skills needed to connect to their students.

Improve academic performance students who receive SEL instruction perform better academically than their peers.

BASE Education captures and highlights Firewords™ that bring attention to potentially harmful language. 

BASE Education Proven Features

Real Time Progress Monitoring  
Adults can monitor all student responses in real time.


Parent/Guardian Portal  
Companion courses provide parents, teachers, and guardians the language and skills needed to connect to their student. 

Text Deletion Report
All student text is captured, even after it has been deleted!


With BASE Education, students are taught psycho-social concepts through a supportive and therapeutic dialog. As students work through the content, they are prompted to reflect on their behavior and skills, set goals, share their thoughts, and apply new concepts. Give students a safe platform to speak their truth with BASE Education. 

Interactive and therapeutic content