Address Learning Loss and Improve Course Readiness 

New accelerate mini courses teach students the essential skills they need to succeed in high school  math and ELA

Mitigate learning loss and skill gaps

Edmentum's new Courseware accelerate courses make it easy for educators to address the varying levels of readiness they will undoubtedly encounter at the start of the school year. These five- to nine-week mini courses don't simply review content that may have been missed in the previous semester; rather, accelerate courses provide direct instruction in the essential skills that students need to master to be successful in each of their high school math and ELA courses.

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Accelerate courses are included with purchase of ELA, math, and core libraries.


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Start Smart: Reopening School After COVID Learning Loss

Accelerate to Algebra 1

Mastery Learning 
Students show mastery of key content, invest time in not-yet-mastered content, and proceed through learning at their own pace.

Courseware Learning Design Principles

Explicit Instruction
Courseware supports successful learning by providing clear skill statements, modeling of learning outcomes, and reducing cognitive load.

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Scaffolding buoys learning by providing specific supports when learners need them and systematically removing them leading to independence as learners approach mastery.

Active, Engaging Learning
With Courseware, students are actively involved in responding to and manipulating information so that they build understanding and retain knowledge.

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Teachers spend countless hours creating and curating content for instruction, intervention, and remediation to support all students. With accelerate mini courses, teachers have content addressing the essential skills that students need for a particular course in one place. Accelerate courses can be assigned to all students to complete before beginning standard coursework, integrated into or taken alongside current courses, or used for just-in-time intervention when students need it.

Save teachers time with flexible content

Because every student has different needs, accelerate courses are built to provide each student with an individualized pathway to course readiness. Accelerate courses are built based on a mastery learning model; each course begins with a pretest that allows students to bypass skills in which they can demonstrate mastery. This method ensures that students are focusing their attention and effort on shoring up their identified skill gaps so that they are mastering more content in less time.

Individualize learning to support all students

Promote student engagement and graduation success

When students struggle with content, it can cause them to lose confidence and disengage from coursework altogether. Utilize accelerate courses to identify and address skill gaps so that students will be less likely to struggle and fall behind. When students can confidently complete coursework, they are more likely to stay engaged in school and on the path to graduation.

Accelerate to Geometry

Accelerate to Algebra 2

Accelerate to English 9

Accelerate to English 10

Accelerate to English 11

Accelerate to English 12

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