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Looking to provide your students with fully virtual courses?

 Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy is a fully accredited K-career virtual learning solution partner that pairs engaging, age-appropriate digital curriculum with outstanding online educators, plus comprehensive student support services.

At Edmentum, we strive to deliver effective, rigorous, and research-based online learning. The resources on this page will help students, parents, and caregivers get started and provide guidance, tips, and strategies to support virtual learning success!

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Best Practices from Calvert Learning to Support Elementary Students

Learning in the elementary grades is all about interactive, hands-on instruction and collaborative experiences—which means school closures have been especially difficult for K5 educators to navigate. However, with the right teaching strategies virtual learning can be effective for elementary students. 

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Getting to Know your Programs

The resources below will help students, families, and caregivers learn how to navigate their online learning platforms.

Grades 6-12 

Resources for Guiding Learning at Home

View TemplateCalvert Overview for StudentsLogging In to CalvertAdditional Instructional ResourcesReportsCalvert Overview for Learning GuidesLogging InCommunicating with your TeacherCourse NavigationUnderstanding and Submitting Course ActivitiesCourse NotesSubmitting AssignmentsSuggested Daily Schedules
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Plus Framework K-5

The PLUS framework actively engages students in PROJECTS. Projects allow students to apply what they LEARN, USE it in practical and meaningful ways, and then SHOW it to demonstrate mastery and build confidence. 

Learn MoreIcons & Lesson Components

Utilizing Calvert Learning with iPads? Check out these helpful tutorials: 

Calvert on iPads - Genius     Calvert on iPads - Maestro

Quick Start Resources

Additional Support for Parents & Families

Having resources to help onboard students and parents is essential to an effective implementation. 
Use these tools to connect with families.



Share the recorded program overview with students and families to give them an overview of the student experience. 


Share teaching and learning best practices and printable resources.

Learn More About Your SIS

Your student information system (SIS) is a critical component of how you will engage with Calvert Learning. Click on the links below to learn more about Maestro and Genius.  


Access Exact Path

As a Calvert Learning customer, you also will receive access to our K–12 individualized learning program, Exact Path, to support ongoing academic growth aligned to specific needs.

Get Started with Exact Path
Using Exact Path Powered by EdOptions Academy

Grades K-5

Using Calvert on iPads

Edmentum’s six learning design principles provide the bedrock of Courseware’s learning methodology. Each principle has a sound basis in theory, best practice, and research. 

Courseware Learning Design 6-12

Edmentum Learning Design

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Daily Schedule Template

Principles of Teaching at Home: When Parents Become Learning Guides

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Working from Home with Children Learning from Home: Build a Schedule that Works

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A Parent Guide: Support Your Child During Virtual Learning

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Using Manipulatives at Home


Keys to Successful Online Learning   Mom Enough Podcast

5 Things Parents Can Do to Support Students Learning Online

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Virtual Learning for Elementary Students: Does It Really Work?

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Creating a Learning Environment to Set your Child up for Success

Follow the steps in the quick start guides to get up and running right away.

Quick Start GuideQuick Start GuideLog In

Live Instruction and Help 

Science Live HelpELA Live HelpCTE, PE, GL Live HelpSocial Studies Live HelpMath Live Help

Live Help is available to 6-12 students Monday - Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central, and Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM Central. These live help links are different from the links for live lessons/instruction that you receive from your teachers.

Grades K - 5

Once your student has begun working in Calvert curriculum, view the in the Google Spreadsheet linked below to access the schedules for live lessons and live help as well as zoom links to join. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to select the correct grade level.

K - 5 Live Lessons and Live Help

Grades 6 - 12 

Quick Start Guide

Follow the steps in the quick start guides to get up and running right away.

Download K - 5 Quick Start GuideDownload 6 - 12 Quick Start Guide

K - 5

6 - 12

Administering the Exact Path AssessmentFamily Overview Training VideoAccessing Exact PathExact Path Overview for Parents and Learning GuidesPerformance & Progress MonitoringUnderstanding Elementary Virtual Learning Video

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Accelerate Learning this Summer

Foster Continued Academic Success this Summer

Summer school is almost here, and likely credit recovery, grade transitions, and enrichment programs are top of mind as a result. Jumpstart your summer school plans with these helpful resources: