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Exact Path Experience

There's a special sparkle to the formative years. 
Exact Path is designed to support educators as they build the strongest foundation possible for their elementary students ensuring that an early zest for learning carries them into future academic success!

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Set a strong foundation for future academic success.


Nothing, nothing, nothing will ever take the place of a teacher in a classroom . . . When we equip her with the tools that she needs in order to have the best professional practice she can have, then how can our students do anything but be successful?


Research-based curriculum for Reading & Math 

Culturally relevant and supportive of the whole-learner 

Fosters engagement and student achievement

- Dr. Connie Yearwood
Principal, Demorast Elementary School
Demorest, Georgia

Why do schools love BASE Education?

Support a range of SEL implementations with self-directed student curriculum, teacher-guided direct instruction, and family learning access

Impact social emotional skills for all while intervening with students who are most at risk

Navigate impacts of a changing world with evidence-based curriculum that creates a safe space for mental health and wellness education

Deliver 100 courses and tackle tough topics including Coping Strategies, Digital Citizenship, Bullying, and Equity

The Exact Path to Elementary Acceleration

  • Evidence-Based Math & Reading Content to build a strong foundation for all future learning

  • Built-In Rewards and Engagement to motivate students at every stage of their learning journey

  • Culturally Relevant Curriculum using characters that allow all students to see themselves in Exact Path

  • Designed to Support the Whole Learner with embedded SEL focus to encourage growth mindset, community building, and recognition of personal strengths

  • Developmentally Appropriate Responsive Design using intuitive design and friendly navigation to inspire learning independence

What could implementation look like?

Dose 1: Instruct ALL learners in rigorous grade-level standards

Dose 2: Differentiate according to individual learning needs, based on diagnostic assessment results


Help shape the future of Edmentum!
We can't do this work without you. We value your expertise, insights, and feedback to guide and shape the future of how our programs drive student achievement. 

By implementing Standards Mastery Early Preview, you'll be given the opportunity to complete optional surveys, join focus groups, and more for special incentives along the way.

Learn more about implementing with fidelity using a double-dose model in our Day in the Life of an 
Exact Path Educator guide. You'll find recommendations and sample schedules to help you get started.


Strengthened Math Foundations

Research confirms that success in Algebra I is indicative of future academic success too. For that reason, Exact Path is designed to ensure students develop essential math foundations that unlock future learning.

Carefully scaffolded lessons include multiple models, representations, and manipulatives to help students more easily unpack each new skill.


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Enriched Reading Content

Foundational reading in Exact Path is designed based on the science of reading pedagogical best practices to help all students become proficient and lifelong readers.

We're regularly enhancing our curriculum to support the five pillars of reading, with some of our most recent content even featuring high-frequency word practice and decodable readers to support phonics-based learning.


Unpacking the Science of Reading

Check out this video, Exact Path and The Science of Reading, which details the merits of the science of reading and highlights how Edmentum Exact Path aligns to this popular approach.