Individualized Learning for North Dakota Educators

Adaptive Diagnostic Assessments

Our adaptive diagnostic assessment determines students’ individual strengths and abilities within a vertical K-12 learning progression. Performance is tracked at the subject and individual learning domain level to help benchmark learning and chart growth. 

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Individualized Learning Paths

Post assessment, all students automatically receive a unique learning path of self-paced curriculum. 100% mobile-optimized assessments, lessons, and activities use a mastery learning approach to adapt to every students’ needs, skip over anything the student may already know, and remediate with prerequisite skills as needed. 

Comprehensive Standards Coverage

Our K-12 vertical growth scale includes assessment items and interactive lesson modules built from the ground up to address foundational reading, language arts, and math skills and standards for college and career readiness, including speaking and listening standards.

Meaningful Data to Drive Instruction

Diagnostic Results: Aggregated, class, and individual student results provide a visual snapshot of scale scores, growth, and specific domain placement. Details on each student’s individual diagnostic experience offer insight into testing. 

Learning Path Data: Dig into learning path progress with an interactive view featuring a color-coded legend and learning menu to explore detailed performance and related resources for intervention. 

Insights into Usage: Never wonder how students are spending their time with detailed reporting of time-on-task, assessments completed, and skills mastered. 


Personalized Learning for All Students

“[Exact Path] is for kids, and that’s what we’re here for. This is a tool 100-percent aligned to kids to help them get better, period. We know that COVID is a monster—that it raises its head and it just takes, and [with Exact Path,] this is one piece that we might be able to take back.” 

- Chris Bastian, Superintendent and Elementary School Principal at Lidgerwood Public School

Grades K-12

Math, Reading, & Language Arts

Aligned to North Dakota Standards

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About Edmentum

We know there is no one school model that works for all North Dakota students. Your students have unique backgrounds, goals, and characteristics that impact their experience with education and shape their definition of success. Instead of expecting students to conform, Edmentum empowers educators to transform their approach and build school around the needs of each student. We are committed to making it easier for you to individualize learning for every student.

Packed with Features to Support Educators

We’ve got you covered with flexible learning tools that allow you to focus where it’s needed most—helping every student reach their academic potential.  

Assignments & Instructional Resources 

  • Build custom assignments to ensure students receive just-in-time instruction, remediation, and enrichment
  • Access Lesson Ideas and printable worksheets for additional learning support

Trophies & Challenges 

  • Motivate learning with built-in mastery Trophies that students earn for each successful skill 
  • Incentivize success with teacher-defined challenges to drive unique time-on-task and mastery goals


  • Design meaningful intervention by sorting students into similar-ability groups based on real-time skill and state standard learning path data

Set, Achieve, and Exceed Growth Goals  

Exact Path's adaptive tools offer targeted instruction that is aligned to your goals, paced to your students’ needs, and structured to give students control over their own educational journey.

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