A powerful suite of K-12 virtual solutions for Oklahoma students 

K–12 student-centered virtual learning

Today’s students want more than one-size-fits-all learning. Our online academy is a fully accredited K through career online school that pairs award-winning curricula with state-certified teachers, expert program management, and holistic student support services to help you meet the needs of more learners. 

Through EdOptions Academy you can:

  • Provide flexibility with an in-district virtual school
  • Address staffing shortages
  • Support teachers through instructional services including Virtual Teacher Mentoring, Grading Service, or Foundational Skills Instruction

We are the industry leader in providing course variety - with a broad range of core subjects, CTE, electives, world languages, and advanced courses to fit all of your needs. Our highly interactive, video-rich courses engage learners and give you the opportunity to offer subjects that enhance and complement your curriculum.

Designed to meet students where they are this fall

Our courses consist of integrated assessments that allow learners to move past content they have already mastered and focus on the concepts that need additional attention.


Edmentum literally was our foundational curriculum. The content was so rich that we didn't have to search for a supplemental text.

Dawn Bowles
Millwood High School - Oklahoma City, OK

Edmentum Courseware
6-12 Standards-Aligned Curriculum

EdOptions Academy
K-12 Virtual Learning

Calvert Learning
K-6 Project-Based Curriculum 

 We know there is no one school model that works for all students. Students have unique backgrounds, goals, and characteristics that impact their experience with education and shape their definition of success. Instead of expecting students to conform, Edmentum empowers educators to transform their approach and build school around the needs of each student. We are committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student through research-based digital curriculum, assessments for learning, and educational consulting. 

Build School Around Every Student

We have helping elementary students learn outside of traditional classroom settings for over a century. Our project-based curriculum has been specifically designed to engage students in virtual and blended learning settings and encourage critical thinking. Resources and assignments included throughout each course have been carefully chosen to help students actively engage with their coursework and make real-world learning connections.

K-5 project-based virtual instruction

When students enter middle and high school, their interests, skills, and plans for the future impact the courses they need to take to be ready for the next step. Some students may need advanced courses to prepare for college, while others may need credit recovery to get back on track, while still others may need career-focused courses to prepare for the workforce. 

With Edmentum, you can address every student’s needs with a robust collection of standards-based online curricula. Our course offering includes core subjects, Advanced Placement® (AP®), career and technical education (CTE), electives, and World Languages. 

6-12 customizable digital curricula

Hundreds of quality courses

K-5 Course List6-12 Course List

Elementary libraries that are available through the Learn Anywhere OK program include:

Social Studies

Secondary libraries that are available through the Learn Anywhere OK program include:

  • Math
  • ELA
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Language
  • Electives
  • CTE
  • College & Career Readiness

Three Powerful Programs, One Great Solution

  • Rigorous and engaging curricula 
  • Fully accredited by Cognia 
  • High quality, state certified teachers experienced in online instruction
  • Flexible program implementation and management 
  • Carefully curated curriculum for elementary learners 
  • Project-based lessons and activities are designed to help students make real-world connections 
  • Video content, game-based learning, virtual labs, and simulations 
  • Research-based instructional design
  • Unparalleled course flexibility 
  • Unmatched visibility into pacing and progress
  • Easy-to-use learner dashboard empowers students to monitor tasks and progress
Schools - Get Started Today!
Schools - Get Started Today!

Lessons are well-designed and give access to engaging online activities and offline extensions in combination with the daily lessons.

Charles Heckel
Rural Virtual Academy - WI

Homeschool parents, please click here to get started with Edmentum's 6-12 curriculum.

Homeschool parents, please click here to get started with Edmentum's 
6-12 curriculum.

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