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Assign standards mastery practice and formative assessment to support on-grade level proficiency as an add on to Exact Path, the same program that provides diagnostic-driven direct instruction to accelerate growth today.

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Accelerate Growth + Proficiency

Start closing gaps with Exact Path and mastering standards with the addition of Standards Mastery.


Nothing, nothing, nothing will ever take the place of a teacher in a classroom . . . When we equip [them] with the tools that [they] need in order to have the best professional practice [they] can have, then how can our students do anything but be successful?

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Grades 3-8

ELA and math

Standards Mastery practice & formative assessments

Streamlined access within Exact Path

- Dr. Connie Yearwood
Principal, Demorest Elementary School
Demorest, Georgia

Why do schools love BASE Education?

Support a range of SEL implementations with self-directed student curriculum, teacher-guided direct instruction, and family learning access

Impact social emotional skills for all while intervening with students who are most at risk

Navigate impacts of a changing world with evidence-based curriculum that creates a safe space for mental health and wellness education

Deliver 100 courses and tackle tough topics including Coping Strategies, Digital Citizenship, Bullying, and Equity

Exact Path + Standards Mastery 

Start using Standards Mastery!

Together, Exact Path and Standards Mastery offer educators a powerful combination to ensure students achieve both higher academic growth and increased grade-level proficiency.

What is Standards Mastery?

Formative assessments to address on-grade level mastery, made up of succinct, yet powerful 10-question quizzes per skill


Integrated, single point of access for teachers and students through Exact Path


Real-time data to track mastery and time spent, designed to inform data-driven instruction and small-group learning


Backed by research that supports tier 4 ESSA evidence following a third-party research study conducted by Johns Hopkins School of Education

What could implementation look like?

Instruct ALL learners in rigorous grade-level standards

Differentiate according to individual learning needs, based on diagnostic assessment results


Backed by Research from Johns Hopkins School of Education

Standards Mastery holds tier 4 ESSA evidence following a third-party research study conducted by Johns Hopkins School of Education.

By implementing Standards Mastery, you're taking the steps toward provide scaffolded 
on-grade level instruction that provides proficiency and growth over time.

Edmentum strongly believes that pairing Exact Path + Standards Mastery can optimize learning potential by both filling critical gaps in learning and providing equitable on-grade level instruction. Take a closer look at this optimized implementation model by checking out our "Day in the Life' educator guide below. 


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Implementing the Double Dose Model with Standards Mastery Early Preview

Check out this video highlighting how an educator could design their instruction to support both standards mastery and individual student growth using Standards Mastery Early Preview.

Check it out! Take a look at this overview video for the new add-on for Exact Path, designed to accelerate on-grade proficiency.

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Aligned to all 50 state's standards

What could implementation look like?

Create pre-test assignments to inform classroom instruction

Work through practice questions to build skills and assess understanding

Create post-test assignments, checking for mastery of standards

Pairing Exact Path to accelerate growth and Standards Mastery to power proficiency can elevate learning potential by both filling critical gaps in learning and providing on-grade level instruction. Working hand-in-hand with what is being taught inside the classroom, educators can utilize these quick question sets with individuals, groups, or the whole class to: 

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The Power of Standards Mastery

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Pairing Standards Mastery with Exact Path allows educators to see how well students are understanding key grade-level standards, and use real-time data to inform instruction. 

To see how you can use this flexible tool in your classroom, take a closer look at our instructional design educator guide.